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And yes, even if you want to optimize other areas of training we have a community that has been there and done that and we're here to help.

You can spend the next few years chasing your dog who won't come when called (I bet your neighbors would prefer that for their entertainment)...Or you can do something real, proven, and predictable ✅ that will give you results.

5-10 minutes a day of this and I bet you won't even recognize your dog. But don't just take my word for it:

Worked like a charm

"We watch Jack & Cowboy on YT so when we saw they had these trainings we jumped aboard. Great content & have seen noticeable results right out of the gate." - Gabe & Ranger

Amazing Support Community

"I thought I knew what I was doing with dogs (and have even owned heelers before, several!) but our new boy is a different level. So glad we found this community!" - Barb & Roscoe

Dialed in with my dog

"The concepts Jack talks about are super simple and make total sense. I feel like Pongo and I have grown so much closer and our training is much more dialed in than before." Jennifer & Pongo

Hey. I'm Jack, this is Cowboy. And I thought I knew how to train dogs...

I grew up surrounded by packs of dogs. Labradors, Rottweilers, Bullmastiff, etc. But never a breed with as much drive as my Australian Cattle Dog.

I nearly gave up...

Cowboy pushed me to my absolute limits when he was younger. So much so that I thought I was failing him as a dog owner and he deserved to be somewhere else. Maybe on a working ranch where he could herd full-time. BUT...

The thought crushed me. They bond more closely to us than any other breed I have ever owned.

And so I decided I would do whatever it took to learn the skills necessary to give him the best life possible (for both of us). 

Skip to the good stuff

The amount of time I spent putting into methods of training, techniques, and overall trying to understand this breed are unreasonable. I was admittedly obsessed. But now I want to share that information with you in short and concise videos. A way to fast forward through the B.S. and get straight to the good stuff.

Dog owner to dog owner

I'm just a dog nerd at heart and truly want to help people optimize their relationships with their dogs so they don't have to either

1) put them in a shelter or re-homing situation


2) Live in a life of discomfort and stress in order to accommodate for their furry partner.

Even if your dog is amazing but you want to fulfill that intelligent mind and take your relationship to the next level this is for you.

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